My name is Gregory Pricoli and I am a Production & Event Coordinator, Writer, Photographer, and Independent Filmmaker.  I live in New York City and when not here, you can find me in Bari, Italia.

Currently working with The Society of Unique Artists. Here I assist with daily video shoots, auditions, event planning/booking.  The message of the organization is primarily on locating and showcasing unique art forms and artists around New York City. 

Some of my side Projects:
I currently finished up a short comedy film centered around The Area 51 Raid. 
Pitching a recently completed 107,776 word fantasy novel. 
Taking head shots for anyone who requests. 
Writing several scripts of different lengths and genres which as of now some are already ready for optioning. 

Feel free to reach out with job offers, 
collaborations, and work you may find me suitable for.

Gregory Pricoli

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