51:  After the Raid

Olivia Saint-Cloud is a career driven journalist working at a News Startup.  
Weeks following the "Area 51 Massacre"
she finds the story that she firmly believes will take her to the top.  
That of Michael, the mysterious kidnaper of an alien from
Area 51 who has gone missing.

Making of 51:
51:  After the Raid started with the idea for a ten minute short detailing a reporter interviewing
people who had gone to the Area 51 Raid.

Originally I had written it as small scenes sewn together.  It wasn't until I shared the idea with a colleague, Michael Bianco (screenwriter) that the idea to further the script into a formalized short became a notion.  Having written it into something longer, Michael and I worked to make something much more.

Having finished the script the next step was to get it made.  To assist me I recruited my colleague Daniel Naman, who came onboard as my Cinematographer.  Daniel I must say helped my vision come to fruition while handling my crazed directors vision and rants.

Some of the cast:
Mecca Shabazz:  Musician/Actress/Director
There would be no Olivia Saint-Cloud without Mecca.
From the moment I came up with the idea,
I envisioned only one person to play the
lead.  Follow Mecca on instagram @brokenbitchacademy

Ariel Trochez:  Digital Artist
Ariel is an artist who loves to dip into other mediums.  A great artist and friend.
Follow Ariel on instagram @pistolpen

Marco Caviglia:  Actor
It was an honor to work with the great Marco Caviglia.  Not just a great and talented actor
but a great person.  Marco has many upcoming projects in the works and very much so someone you
want to cast for your next film.

Beau Bardos:  Painter/Animator/Actor
Beau Bardos happens to not just be a award winning animator (Check out his animated film "Pastel Noir") but my oldest and closest friend.  Beau Bardos is a phenomenal artist thats pursuits transcend platforms.  Follow him @BeauBardosArt for more of his work.

For more information on how to contact anyone associated with the film please feel free to message me directly.  I'll be happy to connect you with them for work/collaborations.

Thank you again to the cast and crew as well as the audience.

Warmest Wishes,

Gregory Pricoli

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